Class or Workshop Offerings

“Tangling with Brenda” offers several Zentangle ® and Zentangle Inspired Art Classes.  You are required to take the  “BASIC” class first to learn the philosophy of the Zentangle Method and then you can take any class or workshop you prefer in any order.  The descriptions are listed below:
 01 – BASIC METHOD  – This class is where our Zentangle journey begins. Onamato and Hollibaugh are just a couple of the tangles you will learn to create two unique tiles. The philosophy of the art form will be covered  as well as several techniques.   MINI KIT INCLUDED in the fee as a special gift.
 02 – BEYOND BASIC (01  is a prerequisite) Learn several more advanced tangles along with enhancements and shading. Your tangles will develop into lovely, sophisticated designs.  
03 – SEASCAPE (01  is a prerequisite) Turn the norm into magic by learning more tangles that will evolve into dimensional designs.  Experience the element of surprise creating a unique “Seascape” ZIA. (Inspired by Alice Hendon CZT)   
04 – ADDING COLOUR (01  is a prerequisite) Have fun playing with studio supplies while learning to add colour with markers and pencil crayons. Create a unique colour wheel and lovely art. (Bring your own “unshaded” tangled art or use copies of Brenda’s)  05 – WHITE on BLACK (01 is a prerequisite) Drawing with a white pen on black tiles creates elegant, dramatic art you will love while learning new tangles. Stencils will be incorporated into this class. (White pen/pencils  available for purchase or bring your own)   

06 – ZENDALAS (01  is a prerequisite)  Inspired by the historic art of the Mandala.  Learn several new tangles and how to create a Zendala that will be filled with personal meaning. (Inspired by Jean Theurkaff CZT) (Bring A compass) 

07 – TANGLED GREETING CARDS (01  is a prerequisite) Create  unique tangled cards with fun, fancy, elegant designs and embellishments using black ink and metallic Gelly rolls.   

08 – ZIA TANGLE FOLK and FUNKY ANIMALS (01  is a prerequisite). While learning more tangles you will be designing simple tangle folk characters and cute animals. Especially fun for children.  (Tangle Folk inspired by Billie Lauder CZT

 09 – ORGANIC GARDEN (01  is a prerequisite) fun class where you will learn to “get the flow” while drawing an organic garden and achieving the 4th dimension in your art using black pen, pencil shading, toned paper and white pencil for highlights. Learn how to interpret “high, medium and low” tangles the way you would imagine planning a real garden. (Bring mini kit, white pencil and brown micron). (Inspired by Dr.  Meredith Yuhas CZT)   

10- DR. SEUSS (01  is a prerequisite) Don’t miss this super FUN class! You will design and tangle a whimsical 8″x 10″ piece of Zentangle Inspired Art in the first half as well as learn how to add colour with Tombow markers in the second half of the class.  (Bring mini kit and Tombows, if you have them. Studio Tombows will be available. (Inspired by Marie Browning CZT)  

 11 – MINDFULNESS with TRIPOLI and HOLIBAUGH GOES WILD (01  is a prerequisite) This class incorporates two unique concepts of Zentangle in one class.  a) Create beautiful art with the entire focus on mindful meditation; concentrating on being in the present. (Inspired by CZT Molly Hollibaugh)       b) See how Hollibaugh can be used to create funky designs   

12 – TANGLEATIONS and MONOTANGLES (01 is a prerequisite)Explore this really fun concept. Try using imaginative variations of only one favourite tangle as well as how to create unique art with intertwining tangles.

13 – LINE DANCING  with PARADOX (01 is a prerequisite)Experience the magic of Paradox as you draw curved and straight lines in every direction imaginable while enjoying the mindfulness of “one stroke at a time”. Mind blowing but lots of fun!

14 – FUN with RENAISSANCE (01 is a prerequisite) Create stunning, dimensional art working from the paper’s tan tone towards light tones. Considered a favourite class by many students.  (Brown pens/ white pencils available for purchase or bring your own).

 15 – BLACK MAGIC (01  is a prerequisite) Great new techniques that will bring your tangling style to a magical, new dimension when using coloured pencils on black paper. (Inspired by Marie Browning CZT) 

16 – MONOCHROMATIC COLOURS (01 is a prerequisite) You will love this class. It’s all about creating with tones and shades of one colour.  No black pen to be seen. Hand coloured tiles, pens and pencils.(Inspired by Sue Jacobs CZT)  

17 – HOLIDAY STARS  (01  is a NOT a prerequisite)  Looking for unique ideas for holiday gift giving?  Create fun  3-D ornamental star using new tangles and colour supplies. You will love this class and will be forever creating stars.

18 – FUN with BIJOU (01  is a prerequisite)Learn about our newest addition to the Zentangle family while tangling on new two inch tiles. Also, how “Bijou’s” perspective is an elegant match for our approach to creating art and to life. “Bijou” is the embodiment of “one stroke at a time.” 

19 – COLOUR PLAY  (01  is a prerequisite) Lots of fun times and laughs in this innovative class creating  ZIA’s while learning ways to add colour to your backgrounds using paints, shaving cream, plastic wrap, ink and all sorts of things. The second part will include how to find unique string ideas in your art as well as learn 8 to 10 brand new tangles. 

20 – MY STORY LANDSCAPE (01  is a prerequisite)  This workshop is based on visual journaling. Learn how to transform non-representational tangles into trees, clouds or whatever your heart desires as you develop a personal landscape, all in tangles. Memories, ideas, and events, as you perceive them from your experiences and dreams, can be incorporated.  Prepare to be pleasantly surprised by your unlimited creativity and imagination.

 21-CITYSCAPE (01  is a prerequisite)  Love buildings and artistic representations of a city? This class will be all about turning  rectangles and squares into skyscrapers and structures to build an urban area while tangling inside those forms with brand new patterns. 

22 – ZENDALAS  3-D STYLE (01  is a prerequisite) Learn this very cool technique to create a 3-D layered Zendala while making it your own personal style while adding touches of colour.

23 – TANGLED AND DANGLES  (01  a prerequisite) This is such a fun class creating  unique lettering using Zentangle and all sorts of wonky lines and dangles. Great for personal cards, name plaques and so much more.  

24  – EXPLORING TANGLES AND TECHNIQUES  (01 is a prerequisite) With over 5000 tangles on the internet today, we will be trying out brand new ones in every class as we build on our tangling expertise with more complex tangles and tangleations. Please request one you would like to explore.

25 – FLORAL FANTASIA (01  is a prerequisite) Explore tangling as you learn how to make your favourite organic tangles turn into a playful dance of swaying and flowing together to create a fantasy garden.

26 – ILLUMINATED LETTERING (01 is a prerequisite) Explore the history of illuminated letters handwritten as far back as the middle ages as you create your own personal style with tangled monograms. 

27 – ALL ABOUT SHADING (01  is a prerequisite) Learn several shading techniques using pencil blending as well as pen and markers which will add that “WOW” factor to your Zentangle Art. 

28 – TANGLING TOGETHER (01  is a prerequisite) Each and every “Tangling Together” class will be a brand new opportunity to have fun while experiencing new techniques in the land of Zentangle.

29 – BEYOND the BASICS PLUS (01  is a prerequisite) A fun class taking your tangling to a dimensional level by incorporating sophisticated designs and using more complex tangles.

30 – TANGLES and SILHOUETTES (01  is a prerequisite) This class will focus on what is left “untangled” by merging tangles to create a beautiful background for your favourite silhouette while learning about positive and negative images. (Inspired by CZT Jerryann Haggart).

31 – FOUND POETRY (01  is a prerequisite)  A fun way to recycle old books by taking a page, finding meaningful words while incorporating tangled designs to camouflage the background with an overlay of beautiful tangled art.

32 – HOLIDAY TANGLED ART (01 is a prerequisite) Each holiday class/workshop will be a surprise.  We will be making and tangling unique and fun items for you to keep for yourself or to give as gifts.

33 – TOMBOW TECHNIQUE TAGS (01  is a prerequisite) Learn brand new tangles while using watercolour markers and pencil crayons. (Inspired by Marie Browning CZT) 

 34  – MEANDERING TANGLE BOOK (01  is  a prerequisite) These fun little books are easy to make in the first part of the class with time to tangle on some of the pages in the second half. Perfect gifts for tanglers. 

35 – TANGLED GREETING CARDS PLUS  (01 is a prerequisite) This class will offer some great card ideas complete with new tangles. You will never want to purchase a card again. 

36 – TANGLES, BOTANICALS and ENHANCERS (01  is  a prerequisite) A  very fun concept in florals while tangling on white and renaissance tiles (Inspired by Sharla Hicks CZT) -some extra supplies needed.

37 – ALL BOXED UP – TANGLED GIFT BOXES(01  is  a prerequisite) In  the first part of  the class we will create a layered box and then add fun new tangles in the second part of the class.

38 – STACKED and TANGLED (01  is  a prerequisite) A really fun way to learn new tangles, incorporate lettering and use unique papers to create your Zentangle Inspired Art.  (Inspired by CZTS Alice Hendon and Jane Eileen)

39 – ZENDALAS PLUS  (01  is a prerequisite)  Very unique ways of creating very special Mandalas while learning new tangles. 

40 – SPARKLE YOUR TANGLES with TWINKS (01 is a prerequisite) Wondering what creates that sparkle and metallic effect? Twinkling H20’s are so much fun.  This class is all about experimenting with Twinks and how to incorporate them into your tangles.

41SHADES of GRAY(01 is a prerequisite) Learn how to create 3D Shading effects in your Zentangle Art? You will learn some cool techniques in this class inspired by CZT Sonya Spencer (co author of Pattern Play) ( Bring a kneaded eraser).

42- SEASIDE RENAISSANCE (01  is a prerequisite) This class will be exploring blue and green colour combos while deliberately capturing sea shapes in their unique organic beauty. (Inspired by Marty Deckel CZT)

43 – COLOUR ME CRAZY  (01 is a prerequisite) Do you love to colour? Learn how to create your own mini colouring book and how to blend and shade with coloured pencils.

 44- GEMSTONE ILLUSIONS  (01  is a prerequisite) This is the newest craze to Zentangle Inspired Art. Learn how to use coloured pencils and white pens to create beautiful art pieces that look like real gemstones as you add tangles to your art.

45- FOLDED TANGLED MINI BOOKS (01  is a prerequisite) In the first half of this class you will learn techniques to make mini books and in the second half we will be tangling in our new little book.

46 – COLOUR on BLACK (01  is a prerequisite) Becoming one of the most favourite ways to tangle; metallic pens on black tiles with metallic pencil shading equals stunning art.

47- BIJOU MEETS ORGANIC COLOUR (01  is a prerequisite) More fun tangling on our littlest tile while adding organic colour derived from plants, coffee, teas, spices and veggies. (Inspired by Molly Hollibaugh CZT)

48- EXPLORING PRESTRUNG ZENDALAS (01  is a prerequisite) So much fun and so relaxing; tangling on Zendalas that have the strings already drawn by Maria Thomas. One of my most favourite ways to tangle.

49- RENAISSANCE PLUS (01 is a prerequisite) Tan tiles and gold metallic pens bring a touch of beauty and sophistication to Zentangle Inspired Art.

 50-WHIMSICAL HOUSES and LANDSCAPES (01 is a prerequisite) In this really fun workshop we will be creating unique strings which will magically develop into tangled houses and landscapes. Be prepared to be delighted and inspired. (Inspired by Margaret Bremner’s Wonky Houses)

51 – FUN with 3z’s  (01 is a prerequisite) The newest Zentangle product – triangular shaped tiles. So much fun to tangle as well as create puzzle mosaics. A “MUST TAKE” class. You will love it!

52 – FRAGMENTS and RETICLES PART 1 & PART 2 (01 is a prerequisite) A unique way to take your most loved tangles and change them up into a brand new look. Part 1 includes how to create these fascinating tiles and Part 2 includes tangling “fragments” on an origami flexagon,  perfect for a gift or for yourself.  A whole new take on the Zentangle Basic class and one you won’t want to miss.

53 – TANGLED ZENDALA DIPTYCHS (01  is a prerequisite) Take your Zendalas to a whole new height when we learn this technique that Maria Thomas ( co-founder of Zentangle) has designed.  We will learn how to make this gift-worthy 3 dimensional piece of art.A class you won’t want to miss.

54 – MORPHING TANGLES (01 is a prerequisite) – Learn how to confidently morph one tangle into another. A class which will spark your imagination and show you how some tangles naturally flow together well. 

55 – GRAMMY’S QUILT on OPUS (01 is a prerequisite) Brand new ZIA workshop learning how to take the mystery out of tangling “large” by working in one small area at a time while drawing new tangles. We can tangle in traditional black and white or in colour. Each participant will take home a beautiful, finished, 10 x 10 Opus Tile ready to frame and hang on the wall. 

56 – HEARTS and FLOWERS (01 is a prerequisite) Hearts are one of the most popular symbols. In this workshop, we will be learning a variety of tangles  all using hearts and flowers to create these cute little houses which can be used as a tealight.  (Inspired by CZT Dorian Eng).

57 – EXPLORING HOLLIBAUGH TECHNIQUE (01  is a prerequisite) This class is all about using specific tangles and techniques to learn about “drawing behind” and how we can create dimension and depth in our tiles or our ZIAS.

58- FANTASY WONDERLAND  (01 is a prerequisite) Fun new workshop created on large 8 x 10 art paper inspired by favourite movies.  As well as drawing this whimsical ZIA with lots of perfs and enhancements, we will be adding colour with watercolour tools while learning how to choose unique tangles. (Inspired by the popular Dr. Seuss Workshop)

59LETS FRAME IT – There are numerous border tangles and ways to incorporate borders into our art.   We will explore these techniques on tiles, using brown, black and white ink, while learning how to add highlights and shading. 

60 – EXPLORING NEW STRING IDEAS (01 is a prerequisite) Learn how to find new and unique ways to create strings using things we have around our house. Many more creative ways to add to our Zentangle art.

61 – ZENBUTTONS (01 is a prerequisite) We will explore a new technique that includes using a reticulum and fragments (or tangles) to create a 3 D work of art. A fun workshop asked for again and again. (Inspired by CZT Marguerite Samama from the Netherlands).

62 – DINGBATZ (01 is a prerequisite) In this class we will learn what a Dingbatz is and how we can use this new technique to embellish our tangled art in a fun and joyful way.  (Inspired by the co founders of the Zentangle Method, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts).

63 – GELLI PLATE PRINTING (01 is a prerequisite) Learn how to make your own beautiful papers to tangle on by monoprinting on a gelatin plate using all sorts of paints, stencils, and fun items you have around your home. This all day workshop will defintiely bring out the artist within.

64- COLOURS OF RENAISSANCE (01 is a prerequisite)  In this class we will be using combinations of colour tools as we tangle variations of  fun tangle “Toodles” on tan tiles reminiscent of the Renaissance period in the history of art. 

65- DELFT DELIGHTS (01 is a prerequisite) This workshop explores a unique combination of tangles, drawn with blue pens and shaded with blue pencils while making a stack of plates on a Zendala tile. (Inspired by CZT Marguerite Samama from the Netherlands and her beautiful interpretation of Delftware).

66- WORD of the YEAR (01 is a prerequisite) – A fun class where we will choose our word of the year to include in our tangled art as we create a tile within a tile. We will also be adding colour with some fun shading. (Inspired by CZT Romi Marks from California) .

67 – ZENZY TRADING CARDS (01 is a prerequisite) A brand new class I have developed where we will be combining several different sized mini Zendalas cut from assorted handcrafted and artist papers to create our very own artist trading cards. A fun and playful class.

68 – LABYRINTHS (01 is a prerequisite) We will be learning how to draw a beautiful, tangled Labyrinth in this workshop. As we add tangles to our art piece, we will also be thinking of it as a path of meaning and how it becomes a metaphor of life with all its twists and turns. (Inspired by CZTS Dorion Eng and Tracy Lake).

69 – THE MARGINALIA TECHNIQUE (01 is a prerequisite) – Tangling meets a medieval technique of tangles being drawn in the margins of our Zentangle inspired art. This unique workshop is inspired by the co-founder of the Zentangle Method, Maria Thomas. This is one you will not want to miss.  

70 – ZENTANGLE MEETS ARTISTS OF YESTERYEAR – We will explore how patterns have been around since the beginning of time and how artists inspire us when tangling. First off will be Ernst Haeckel, the artist behind some of history’s most impressive meetings of science and art. This workshop will delight and surprise even the novice tangler . (Inspired by the co founders of the Zentangle Method, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts)

71 – EMBEDDED LETTERS – A brand new concept combining lettering and tangles in a very unique way. (Inspired by the co founders of the Zentangle Method, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts)

72 – ARBORETUM WOODLAND – The beautiful Guelph Arboretum is the inspiration for this exciting new workshop. We will be learning how to incorporate tangles into our landscape of trees, leaves, flowers, butterflies and dragonflies, as we layer and add colour to our ZIA. 

73 – FUNKY TANGLED VILLAGE – Oh what fun we will have building our fairy tale like village out of tangles, techniques with loads of bright colour. 

74 – EMBOSSING MEETS ZENTANGLE – A fun and new technique inspired by Anica Gabrovec from Croatia. Using an embossing tool, shading and paper, we will create a lovely piece of tangled art.

75 – COLOURING AND WATERCOLOUR PENCILS – WC pencils are sometimes forgotten. This class will inspire you to use them to add colour to your tangled art.

76 – TANGLED UP IN A TREE – Just imagine birds and flowers and trees all done in tangles and this is the class for you. Inspired by Mary Shaver CZT

77 – SPIRAL TECHNIQUE- Round and round we will go until we create a fun spiral filled with colour and fragments. Inspired by Inge Frasch CZT from Germany. Inge likens this fun technique to stained glass.

78 – MAGIC CARPET RIDE – Just imagine soaring through the clouds on  a magic carpet! What fun we will have  creating a miniature with paper, ink and coloured tools.  Inspired by Shie Naritomi CZT Japan

79 -WHATZ ITS TECHNIQUE – this is a fun technique inspired by Debbie New CZT from Singapore. Using various sized tiles and new tangles we will create a piece of unique art.

80 – HOLIDAY WORKSHOP –  In this workshop we will explore Zentangle HQ’s new kid on the block tile – Translucentz Tiles. We will be creating holiday decor items using this fun new material. 


  • The Basic class includes a “Mini” Kit as a special gift of a $15 value. Bring it to each class you attend.  All other workshops include tiles, art paper etc in the fee unless indicated. Pens and special tools are extra. You are welcome to bring your own supplies if you wish. 
  • No drawing ability or talent is required for any class.
  • A BASIC class IS A MUST from me or from another C Z T so that you are familiar with the fundamentals and philosophy of the Zentangle Method before you can take other classes.
  • Any class after a ” Basic” class does not have to be taken in any particular order.
  • Always bring your mini kit
  • Don’t forget your reading glasses if you need them for close up work
  • If you bring a drink, it must have a lid
  • Please register and pay as soon as possible, due to limited space.
  • Likewise, please do not wait until the last minute to register. If there are not enough participants, the class may have to be cancelled.  
  • Call 226 979 8465 or email – [email protected] to register.
  • You may drop off payment at Half Moon Boutique Tangle Art Studio, 136 Metcalfe St. Elora, ON