About Zentangle

So What Exactly is the Method of Zentangle®?

Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, the founders of Zentangle sum it up like this in their new book, “The Book of Zentangle”. “Zentangle is easy to learn, relaxing, and a fun way to create beautiful images by drawing structured patterns. It helps to increase focus, creativity, and provides artistic satisfaction along with a sense of personal well-being.”  It is an art form, a life skill, a tool, a perspective and an approach to mindfulness. ”hope reduduce_edited-1

Why is Zentangle so Popular?

Zentangle attracts people of every age and life skill; it helps students relax and prepare for exams, Wall St Brokers to de-stress, people to practice  “mindfulness meditation”. Those with memory loss are able to calm their minds.  People with depression, insomnia, addictions, Fibromyalgia and chronic pain are experiencing amazing results.  Cancer patients are finding it supportive while going through their chemo treatments. Zentangle is giving people hope.  It helps people think and concentrate when life gets too stressful. In short, it keeps on helping!  I am not kidding…studies are ongoing and they all come to the same conclusion. If you practice Zentangle daily, it will affect you in some way or another, but always for the good!!! How else do I know this? Because the Zentangle Method benefits me in so many ways.  I am a personal testament….to read more about that check out how I found Zentangle.