I Think I am Addicted to Zentangle ATC’s…

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What are you up to in the world of Zentangle?  Well, just in case you are looking for something new to fill these long, cold, winter days we are having, I am going to show you my latest addiction.. Zentangle ATC’s.   These are all WIP’s or “Works in Progress”. Some are already cut and finished, some need to be finished and the larger sheets need to be cut up into smaller sizes…but Ohh…so much FUN!!!

jan 2014 1701jan 2014 1654

So what are ATC’s….?? ATC’s or Artist Trading Cards (according to Wikipedia) are miniature works of art about the size of modern trading cards such as baseball cards, 2 1/2″ in by 3 1/2″ in size. Cards are produced in various medias using paper, metals and fibers. They are mainly for the purpose of collecting or trading. ATC’s have been around for many years and a gentleman from Switzerland is credited with popularizing the modern artist trading card.

jan 2014 1653

I had never heard of these before I landed in Zentangle Land, almost two years ago and although I was intrigued by them, I purposefully stayed away from all  the swaps and ATC trades going on because I had so many other Zentangle things on my “To Do List”.

But in November Sharon Payne, A CZT from North Carolina and a good friend of mine, posted a challenge on our CZT FB page that I just couldn’t resist.  She suggested that we as CZT’s should create “decks” of ATC’s to trade with over a hundred other CZT’s from across the world.jan 2014 1649

WELL, I COULD NOT SAY NO, COULD I?  So here we are, all making these hundreds of little pieces of art which will be shipped to NC, where Sharon will disperse them and ship us back the equivalent of what we send.  So in other words, come April I  will have a hundred or so of gorgeous ATC’s from  other CZT artists.. How cool is that?

jan 2014 1676jan 2014 1667jan 2014 1650

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